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"Citterns on ICE" CD projects

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!!!New!!! (Again, this time password-protected so I hope it lasts for a while) .Find here the mp3 files and some extras for COI-3.

Apart from talking about our beloved citterns a lot on the Cittern List, we also took action and made home recordings of ourselves playing them. Some even went to real studios. Mike Berro took it upon him to gather all the submissions, ranging from audio cassette tapes to DAT, and RealAudio to wave files, on his computer, and compile master CD's.
The first set of two disks, called Citterns on Ice (a pun: ICE was the abbreviation of the workgroup of Han Speek, the List owner, and the name of the computer hosting the List), was released in 1998. Mike did most of the duplicating, I did some for European List members.
A second set, released September 1999, goes under the name of Citterns on Ice volume II: The second Course.
My contribution to the second project was that I gathered the submission proposals on these pages. In fact, that is the initial reason for making these pages. A short intro to recording music with a PC I wrote for this project is to be found here. I will also be involved in reproduction of the CD's for the List members residing outside the USA or Canada. Per 2000 I am the only distribution point.

I will also do the production for Citterns on ICE volume III. The new volume was released on Friday December 7th, 2001.

Find here the links to the pages of Mike Berro with the description of the tunes as well as the actual music of COI vols I and II. It is on a fast server now. You can download these for your listening enjoyment. Try not to do extensive downloading while Mike's computers have to do actual work, i.e. office hours in California.
On COI-1 I can be heard on track B5, on COI-2 on tracks A15 and B6

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