Ordering of "Citterns on ICE" CD's

I will duplicate the CD's for all Cittern List members, worldwide, until further notice. Others may also ask me for CD's when they have a good reason why they should want them. The price is $20 per volume, including packaging and posting. For Europeans (well, most of 'm): 15 Euro.

Given the extra cost of bank transfers I have chosen to accept US dollar banknotes, in cash, in a brown envelope between hard paper so you cannot see or feel the money. Or: PayPal, but not with credit card.

I usually ship with standard air mail. I don't have such great belief in Priority anyway, and it is just too costly.
At the moment I am rather busy, so I don't update the tracking page, and it may take a while when I have to make a new pile of disks.
Fill in the form below (preferred) or, when your browser doesn't understand forms, email me at: orders@cittern.xs4all.nl

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I would like to receive      copies of COI Volume I
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I would like to receive      copies of COI Volume III

The CD's should be sent to:
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These CD's were made by members of the Cittern List for members of the Cittern List. The objective was to show each other what we do with our instruments, with the purpose to learn from this. It was never meant to be a commercial CD. No demands were formulated with regards to the quality of the recording, or the composition, or the performance. All this is for educational purposes only.
The CD's are reproduced with a CD-recorder, not printed, and may have a limited life span if not treated with care.
Anyone wishing to use material on these CD's for any other purpose than to enjoy the music in the privacy of his own home or car should contact the contributor of the track to ask permission to do so. The CD's are not to be reproduced without the permission of A. de Waal or M. Berro (for volumes I and II). All copyrights remain with the contributors, copyright of the compilation is with Mike Berro for volumes I and II, A. de Waal for volume III.

I will inform A. de Waal directly upon receipt of the CD's by email to: orders@cittern.xs4all.nl
I will send money directly upon receipt of an email with the address of A. de Waal

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