Submission proposals for Citterns on ICE volume II, last updated on: 23 March 1999.

Check Mike Berro's page for further info about the project, such as when and how to send the music. Submitters are encouraged to download what Mike has put on his page as a final check. I stopped updating this page, since the info on Mike's pages is much more up to date.

The proposal stage of the project finished on 31 januari 1999. This list is in order of receiving, and does not reflect the order on the final CD's.
Performer Email Location
Time Title  
'Penn' Matt Boris Seattle, WA
3'30'' 900 Miles/ Ruben  
Trad Southern Ballad and Fiddle Tune
Thinking on doing this one in drone-style with drum machine.
2nd track, only if there is space (otherwise volume III): La mujer que yo ma's quiero  
Ango-Latin Techno Love Song
Mandora, voice, drum machine, synth bass, jaw harp, etc. Version of original by Eli Rosenblatt (used w/ perm.)
2 A2 on CD  
Kenton Adler Location?
4:46 (was 3'30'') Wild Mountain Thyme  
Scottish traditional
Nothing fancy this time.Cittern, guitar, vocals. I'll mix to DAT (if I can find blanks in this one horse town).
Anthony de Waal Amsterdam, Netherlands
3'55'' IJswals  
traditional Dutch waltz
Citterns for melody and backup, perhaps a whistle and a bodhran.
2'40'' only if space allows Edelen wijn/Blauwgaren en Koperdraad  
traditional Dutch
Vocals, citterns for melody and backup, perhaps a whistle and a bodhran. Recorded directly to Harddrive
Mark Fitzsimons ??, NewZealand
4' "friggin reel/zoukophony"  
Own compositions for new album
Not definitive yet
Doug Murray Villa Rica, GA
3'00'' Da Cold Nights of Winter/Xesus and Felisa  
trad Shetland tune/John McCusker
Sobell 8-string multitracked on 4-track analog tape
Peter MacDonald Rockford, IL
2'30'' The New-Rigged Ship / Dusty Bob  
traditional Shetland Jig/ traditional Irish jig
Instrumentation: bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, celtic harp, fiddle, bodhran. Medium: DAT
Castor & Felix Castro Ourense-Galiza, Spain
5'40'' An Alala/A muinheira/A rumba/a salton  
Traditional Galician tunes (except Alala by Faustino Santalices)
Hans den Bezemer Zaandam, Netherlands
3'40'' Geversduin  
+ 2'40'' if there is time left Shannon jig  
Own compositions for bouzouki
Shannon jig was recorded with other musicians, the other multi-tracked with Cubase VST
9 A7 on CD  
Rick Boyle/Steve Pawlowski Tempe, Arizona, USA
2'26'' Gallagher's Frolics/Old John's Jig  
Irish traditional
Instrumentals, GF from a John Doyle video and OJG from recordings by Arty McGlynn et al. Rick B. on a Foley 8-string, GDAD; Steve P. on a Taylor 710, in dropped D.
Dave Bucher Gualala, CA
4'  She Moved through the Fair  
 Traditional British Isles tune
Vocals, Golden Wood cittern, guitar, and electric bass. Recorded with 4 track Fostex
Stephen Kendall London, Ontario, Canada
3' approx. Strathspey/reel  
Titles to be determined
12 A5 on CD  
Stuart Helmintoller with String Fever; Maui, Hawai
4'08" At Home with the Girls in the Morning/Cluck Old Hen  
Traditional (oldtime American) fiddle tunes. Bouzouki, cittern, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar
Mike Berro ??, CA
4' to be determined  
Han Speek Enschede, Netherlands
3' - Jim Ward's Fancy/Going to the Well for Water box+bouzouki
3' if there is space to be determined  
I'm thinking of doing 2 tracks this time - one with bouzouki & guitar, and one with button box, bouzouki and just a bit of bodhran.
Bill Bennett Somerset, S.-W. England
3' to be determined  
traditional/original mix
Ozark 8 string zook played solo, unless I can con one of my friends into playing a little fiddle or whistle
Dave Ogden with Blarney Rubble Tehachapi, California
3'- Forked Deer  
Old time traditional American
My trio includes hammered dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, and me on my new Brock cittern
Michael Eskin Location??
2'30'' Recercada Segunda (a version of)  
Diego Ortiz
Octave Mandolin and reed organ
18 A3 on CD  
Telynor (John and Anna Peekstok) Seattle
3'36'' The Sprig of Thyme  
Traditional English song
Four-course octave mandolin plays accompaniment. Five-course cittern plays a lead part as an accompaniment. We shoved the song into 7/16 time.
Carlos Alden Spokane, WA, USA
3' Rachel's Waltz  
5' if there is space Dance Dilletante  
Original compositions
Brock 5-course cittern, mandolin, banjo, guitar
Steven Simpson Lihue, Hawaii
1'40" Be Thou My Vision  
Irish Traditional Hymn. Possibly add something Hawaiian
Davy Stuart 8-string GDAD bouzouki with voice--possibly with violin. Single track on cassette
Ketil Rudjord Trondheim, Norway
4' (-ish) to be determined  
trad irish reels/jigs
Bouzouki with guitar, banjo, bass ++ Digital multitrack, mixdown to DAT
Phillip W. Crump Arcata, California
6'20" ) St. Vincent's Round/The Orphan/Brenda Stubbert's/The Boys of the Lough/ The Forfeit of the Ship  
David Dugan - guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin, fiddle/ George Ziminsky - flute/ Phil Crump - bouzouki, long and short scale guitar-zouks
John Bird Location??
4' House Carpenter  
Trad. American
Singing and playing my Trinity College bouzouki
Poteen (Art Edelstein, Tim Newcomb, Paddy Smith) Central Vermont, USA (1/2 way between Montreal and Boston)
4' - 6' TBA  
Traditional/original arrangement
Celtic/Norse mix. Currently working on Irish polka to Swedish polkett to Shetland Reel. Definitely using CBOMs, fiddle and nyckelharpa, may include hardingfelle, box and/or banjo
Graham MacDonald, John Furlonger (+others) Canberra, ACT, Australia
4' approx. Hackett's Schottiche, Cosgrove's Schottiche  
Collected Australian dance tunes
John Furlonger - Doug Eaton octave mandolin (playing the tune), Ian Shepherd - Peter Coombe A-model mandolin, Ray Mulligan - Peter Hyde 2-row button accordion, Peter Percival - Maton acoustic guitar (in the right channel), Graham McDonald - Graham McDonald guitar bodied bouzouki (rhythm on the second tune, in the left channel). These are all Australian made instruments!
Bryan Ogihara Email ?? Location ??
4' - 4'30'' to be determined  
to be determined
Joseph Sobol Chicago, Illinois, USA
4' approx. Jigs or reels  
Irish traditional
Track from recording I am working on, with 10 and 12 string citterns fingerpicked
Rich Westerman Illinois, USA, 60 km south of Chicago
4' Silver Engine  
A nouveaux-gospel folk song written by Chicago songwriter Kendall Kardt. Learned from the singing of Jim Post.
Instrumentation: a cittern, a blarge, a tiple, an archtop guitar, lots of multitracked vocals, acoustic bass, and assorted kitchen percussion. Except guitar, all Westerman instruments.
4' only if there is time left Carry me back  
Anthem for homesick hillbillies as first recorded by The Dillards in the '70's
They recorded it as a bluegrass tune. My version uses a cittern, a blarge, a tiple, an archtop guitar, lots of multitracked vocals, and assorted kitchen percussion. Except guitar, all Westerman instruments.
29 A1 on CD  
Bert Deivert Forshaga (Western Värmland), Sweden
Trad. Swedish fiddle tune
Instruments used: 5 course Sobell Cittern (ca.1982) GDGDG, for the treble lead, lower octave lead, and chord accompaniment; French fiddle (1880's); and Sobell Guitar (one of his first ones) for simple bass lines. Bert Deivert - cittern, guitar, Eva Deivert - fiddle
Jeremy Keith Freiburg, Germany
3'54" We are David  
BEAM (own composition)
This is me playing with my band BEAM with drums, bass, acoustic guitar and vocals as well as yours truly on a crappy Ozark bouzouki
R. Brian Perkins Location?
Time? Title?  
Danny Chapman Location?
2 min Title?  
Will Higgins Chicago, IL, USA
2-3 min Jigs. Titles to be determined  
Low tech recording: mono cassette and Radio Shack tie clip mic. Instrument: Brock 10 string, ADAEA
Stephen Bodnar and Annette Janka Cordova, Alaska, USA
3' Musical Priest  
Traditional Irish
An old standby, performed in duet with Celtic harp and the big Nyberg cittern
Ted and Karmanie Hastings Stirling, Scotland
3' Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/The Atholl Highlanders  
(song - Scottish Traditional)/(6/8 March - Scottish Traditional)
Instrumentation will include Sobell cittern and mandolin, Fylde bouzouki and fiddle, with vocals by my wife, Karmanie Hastings. Recording will be done in a professional standard digital studio, with mixdown to DAT.
3' only if there is time left Song/tune, To be determined  
see above
36 A4 on CD  
Igor Medio Xixn, Asturias, Spain
3'49'' Muñera'l Centru (6/8)/ Marcha Nupcial (Wedding March);  
Traditional Asturies/own composition
DADGAD guitar (left), 8 & 10 string (Sobell) bouzoukis (right, and melody), fiddle, perhaps bass pedals
Mike Shanahan, Mickey Soltys,(?Bryan Crow?) Carbondale, Illinois
4' medley to be named  
Trad. Irish Jigs or Reels
Sobell 5-course cittern, fiddle, (flute/whistle). We had a submission on COI vol I under the Dorians (2nd disc).
38 A6 on CD  
John Woodard (The Rashers) Louisville, Kentucky
3'55'' Southwind/Doon Reel  
John Woodard, 1998 Sobell Octave Mandolin tuned GDAE; Bernie Hannon, Guitar tuned DADGAD;Charley Smith, Fiddle. Bernie, Charley and I play in and around Louisville Kentucky as "The Rashers". The tunes were recorded by our good friend Bill Myers in his living room.
Roger Gall Email Location
2'09'' Snake's Carter  
composed and played on boukouki by Roger Gall
Sent after closing date
Doug Harvey Email Location
Time Title  
Only when there is space left
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