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From: Ana Garcia http://www.imieigiochi.com/imieisfondi/ [r200-125-42-239-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy]
Date: Sat Jul 16 04:54:33 2005

Me ha gustado el sitio, visiten el mio please.
My name is: Ana
I live in: Spain
I play:

From: coloradomaps@yahoo.com http://www.picks4fun.org/myhomepage.html [c-67-165-194-138.hsd1.co.comcast.net]
Date: Sat Jul 16 03:22:33 2005

I'm glad I found this site.
My name is: RJ
I live in:
I play:

From: http:// []
Date: Sat Jul 9 21:28:41 2005

My Abnett kicks your stuart's ass, what the hell are you talking about..."aquiry syndrome" yea right.
My name is: -
I live in:
I play:

From: Raul Hernandez http://utenti.lycos.it/salvaschermi/ [r200-40-184-141-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy]
Date: Wed Jul 6 01:02:34 2005

Good site, I´ll try to recommend it.
My name is: Raul
I live in: http://utenti.lycos.it/salvaschermi/
I play:

From: http://www.ca-hotel-directory.info/ [209-242-139-162.cox-sd.net]
Date: Thu Jun 30 00:46:02 2005

i guess i can jump on the bandwagon
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I play:

From: http://www.ca-hotel-directory.info/sitemap.html [209-242-139-162.cox-sd.net]
Date: Thu Jun 30 00:45:39 2005

great guestbook.. no spam or anything
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I live in:
I play:

From: cutaway@yahoo.com http:// [border.flint.umich.edu]
Date: Fri Jun 10 14:32:06 2005

I enjoyed reading how you came to play cittern and the like. I am highly interested in the cittern. How did using the 12 string for a cittern work?

cheers steve
My name is: steve ralston
I live in:
I play: I play 6 and 12 string guitar, hamonica. I play at mandolin, octave mandolin, uke, melodica, irish tenor banjo.

From: hdewandelaar@hotmail.com http:// []
Date: Wed Jun 1 22:02:32 2005

Nice site you have.
My name is: Hans
I live in: Amsterdam
I play: Trumpet, Guitar, Piano

From: http:// []
Date: Wed May 25 23:07:23 2005

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My name is: Usman Bello
I live in: Lagos, Nigeria
I play:

From: http:// []
Date: Tue May 24 19:13:18 2005

Clearly a lot of work went into your site and you should be very proud of your efforts! Very nicely done. It's even more interesting than the nigerian scam or scam letter from West Africa in general, advance fee fraud, scambaiting, guyman, mugu, or even a mgbada. Thanks and please keep it up!
My name is: Usman Bello
I live in: Lagos, Nigeria
I play:

From: frankrizzo672003@yahoo.com http://www.419zeros.com []
Date: Thu May 19 21:57:50 2005

Sweet site! Keep up the awesome job!!
My name is: Frank Rizzo
I live in: Canada
I play: guitar and some keyboard

From: alexi_teague@hotmail.com http:// [66-162-24-250.gen.twtelecom.net]
Date: Wed May 4 04:12:32 2005

I have always wanted to try my hand at playing the cittern.
My name is: alexi teague
I live in:
I play: Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, Jews Harp (sorry if that is not PC, but I don't know any other name for it)

From: oak.street@gte.net http:// [lsanca1-ar2-4-60-014-029.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net]
Date: Fri Mar 18 05:22:57 2005

Thony cool site. I listened to the the soundclips on St. Patric's Day.Fit right in I'm looking for a cittern. I'm going to take my time to find the best deal I can get on EBAY. A Fylde or what ever. Woody
My name is: woody
I live in: santa monica, california USA
I play: guitar, mandola, 12 string guitar converted to a cittern CGDae

From: drunkenviking@hotmail.com http://www.takeforum.com/forum/index.php?mforum=planxty [ti231210a080-4135.bb.online.no]
Date: Fri Dec 31 17:53:37 2004

Nice site...
My name is: Arild
I live in:
I play: Guitar, a little bit bouzouki

From: http://www.takeforum.com/forum/index.php?mforum=planxty [ti231210a080-4135.bb.online.no]
Date: Fri Dec 31 17:52:25 2004

Nice site
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I live in:
I play:

From: bmwooten@direcway.com http:// [dpc6682009018.direcpc.com]
Date: Tue Dec 7 00:22:17 2004

Nice site - keep up the good work! Bill
My name is: Bill M Wooten
I live in: Fulshear, TX
I play: Bouzouki (Peterson, Level 3), Guitar, Clawhammer banjo, dobro

From: info@robwijngaard.nl http://www.robwijngaard.nl [82-217-108-160.cable.quicknet.nl]
Date: Sat Dec 4 18:37:16 2004

Take a look at www.robwijngaard.nl
My name is: Rob & Dree
I live in: Noord Holland
I play:

From: http://www.bluepinto.com [94.debccf.client.atlantech.net]
Date: Sat Oct 2 00:34:56 2004

Hi. Great site. I'd never seen a cittern before. Or if I have, I probably just thought it was a funny shaped guitar. Why does it have a different shape? Anyway, it doesn't matter. I was wondering. Do you know of any rock bands that have used a cittern? I'm looking for anything that will give us a leg up on the rest of the bands here in town.
My name is: Blue Pinto
I live in: Washington, DC
I play:

From: cbom@free.fr http://cbom.free.fr [proxy.pprgroup.net]
Date: Wed Jul 28 11:59:52 2004


I happy to announce you a new website for Octave mandolin ( only in French for the moment) http://cbom.free.fr

Can you put it in your links, please ?

Thank you

My name is: Jonathan TILLY
I live in:
I play: Octave mandolin, irish flute, whistles, higland bagpipes.....( 10 instruments

From: frankshopen-at-hotmail.com http://www.BronzeArtPens.com [adsl-69-150-152-160.dsl.tpkaks.swbell.net]
Date: Fri Jul 23 03:35:54 2004

i wonder if i could be on the next cd.. my band was The Boys of the Prairie, now defunct, but we do have an ep CD...

very intriquing stuff, jazz, blues, all kinds of interesting things..

i'm not even sure how i got here, but if i have time, I think i'd like to join. cheers, -Frank

ps please don't sell my above email, it's my every day one. thanks
My name is: frankshopen
I live in: lawrence, Kansas
I play: cittern, fiddle, mando, octave mando, bohdran

From: steph@cheapagents.com http://www.cheapagents.com [uknet2.force9.co.uk]
Date: Thu Jul 8 22:36:32 2004

Was researching the cittern as I had never heard of one before, an excellent site, thankyou.
My name is: Steph
I live in: London
I play: Flute, Trumpet

From: antne@antnes.com http://www.antnes.com [host81-152-0-5.range81-152.btcentralplus.com]
Date: Thu Jul 1 13:47:50 2004

great site
My name is: antne
I live in: birmingham uk
I play: keyboard and mouse

From: webmaster@friendsofsananselmo.org http://www.friendsofsananselmo.org [0-1pool123-118.nas11.los-angeles2.ca.us.da.qwest.net]
Date: Fri Jun 25 03:43:08 2004

My name is: Allen
I live in: California
I play: guitar

From: volker.kuenne@deutschesee.de http:// []
Date: Thu Jun 24 18:38:16 2004

Hello ! I just stopped by to let you know that I really like your site. volker.kuenne@deutschesee.de
My name is:
I live in:
I play:

From: lancebarker@yahoo.com http:// [adsl-67-117-31-181.dsl.chic01.pacbell.net]
Date: Thu May 27 08:43:41 2004

Great site! Great music! Hope to share in the future.
My name is: Lance Barker
I live in: Quincy, CA
I play: Guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, and just got a new 9-string cittern

From: crewneck@blueyonder.co.uk http://www.angelfire.com/me2/jsarts [81-178-94-23.dsl.pipex.com]
Date: Mon May 10 16:14:02 2004

Traditional British music to dance to, though some folks don't like the jollity, hilarity and laughter that we encourage during our gigs, My name is: Jimmy Smith I live in: Staines, Middlesex I play: Sobell Cittern, Terry Docherty Mandolin
My name is:
I live in:
I play:

From: albreng2@hetnet.nl http://www.chroniqueur.nl [ipd50a57b5.speed.planet.nl]
Date: Wed Mar 31 10:08:39 2004

Hi Thony,

hope to see and hear you soon on the 25th of april at Eltjo's!
My name is: Albert van Duijn
I live in:
I play: voice

From: http://www.folklinks.be [215.131-4-62.powered-by.skynet.be]
Date: Fri Mar 19 16:29:41 2004

Hallo, ben bezig met een facelift van "Folk in Vlaanderen! ...en daarbuiten." In de nieuwe versie zit ook een hoofdstuk muziek. Hieronder zal uw pagina ook gelinkt worden. Alvast bedankt voor uw link naar mij. Groeten, Jurgen.
My name is: Jurgen
I live in:
I play:

From: kadler@lyon.edu http:// [cdm-66-76-123-5.btsv.cox-internet.com]
Date: Thu Mar 11 22:31:14 2004

Anyone know how to reach Dave Bucher of Goldenwood? He's been working on a solidbody electric cittern for me for about five years now. I'm ready.
My name is: Ken Adler
I live in: Batesville AR
I play: Bagpipe, Guitar, Cittern

From: w8swt@msn.com http:// [sdn-ap-034dcwashP0352.dialsprint.net]
Date: Thu Mar 11 16:56:28 2004

Having trouble with the strech on the Zouki and sometimes the Mandola. Small hands I guess. Great info here. Thanks. Steve
My name is: Rev Steven W. Trimble
I live in: Farmdale Ohio
I play: Learning: Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki

From: tes@test-mal.com http://www.test-mall.com []
Date: Thu Feb 12 02:43:07 2004

Very inspiring, thank you! Good luck to you in the future :)
My name is: Test
I live in:
I play:

From: info@vintagebanjos.com http://www.vintagebanjos.com [pool-64-222-183-232.man.east.verizon.net]
Date: Fri Feb 6 23:06:34 2004

We offer a wide selection of tenor,plectrum and 5 string banjos also mandolins. We also offer a banjo informational page. Thank you.
My name is: Neil Kenny
I live in: New Hampshire,USA
I play: Tenor Banjo (Irish Trad) Gibson TB 3 Mastertone 1929

From: w8swt@msn.com http:// [sdn-ap-011dcwashP0209.dialsprint.net]
Date: Thu Jan 29 21:50:22 2004

Data base was extremely helpful. Thanks
My name is: Steven W. Trimble
I live in:
I play: Mandolin, Mandola, Octave Mandolin, Bouzouki

From: paddy burgin http://paddy@burginguitars.co.nz [netcache1-acld.auckland.clix.net.nz]
Date: Tue Dec 23 07:30:26 2003

Just saw your page and am letting you know that I am a guitar and bouzouki maker in New Zealand. I also make ten string citterns. and have a couple half made on the bench right now. Cheers .
My name is:
I live in: www.burginguitars.co.nz
I play: New Zealand.

From: vanravensberg@tm.tno.nl http:// []
Date: Mon Dec 22 17:28:49 2003

I read it and iI will use CoolEdit 96 for recording discs (LP's) I am looking for practical tips because I have no experiance. Thanks
My name is: joop van ravensberg
I live in:
I play: Recorders

From: my8k@hotmail.com http://uk.geocities.com/peter_shrewsbury [mail.shrewsbury.ac.uk]
Date: Fri Dec 12 17:04:13 2003

Interensting site you have, hey have a great Christmas!
My name is: Peter Bond
I live in: Shropshire, UK
I play: None

From: linda.mccroskie@btopenworld.com http:// [dial81-131-116-129.in-addr.btopenworld.com]
Date: Sun Oct 26 00:58:10 2003

Thanks for helpful ideas on cittern tunings--no-one seems to know exactly how they are supposed to be tuned!!
My name is: charlie harvey
I live in: UK
I play: guitar,banjo, cittern, mandolin

From: fzenker@wanadoo.nl http:// [gshdsl59-199.firstmile.no]
Date: Wed Sep 3 20:40:00 2003

Heb je een contactadres voor Jaap Kraayenhof? Alvast bedankt!
My name is: Florian Zenker
I live in:
I play: Jazz gitaar, sinds kort "Waldzither"

From: rjohnson@driveralliant.com http:// [adsl-64-175-177-18.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net]
Date: Fri Jun 6 21:53:54 2003

From the look of your guestbook, I need to either sell or burn the Fylde Cittern. Myriad tunings, virtually no instruction. Bad luck.
My name is: Ruby Johnson
I live in: Costa Mesa, CA, USA
I play: Guitar, Celtic harp

From: csouchon@compuserve.com http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/csouchon/homepage.htm [lns-p19-6-81-56-117-71.adsl.proxad.net]
Date: Wed May 21 19:48:46 2003

1) Thank for referencing my homepage on your site. I shall establish a link to your site as soon as possible. 2) I don't find the word "cittern" in my dictionary. Is it the same as "zither" or "cithara"? 3) I have an error to report: the 2nd topic on my site is "Jacobite Songs" and not "Yacobyte songs". There is perhaps a fault of spelling in my HTML file.

Kind regards.

My name is: SOUCHON Christian
I live in: France
I play: Midi sequencing

From: eliawolery@yahoo.com http:// [lats01-31.znet.net]
Date: Thu May 1 20:54:50 2003

I would like to purshase any material on learning how to play the cittern, can you please help me? Thank you very much
My name is: Elia Wolery
I live in: El Centro Calif
I play: guitar

From: steveo@stairhaven.demon.co.uk http://www.stairhaven.demon.co.uk [anchor-01.www-cache.demon.co.uk]
Date: Mon Apr 28 20:59:29 2003

Great site. You must be my Dutch Double. Similar history of liking 70s music and dabbling in guitar. I recently borrowed, fell in love with, bought me Bouzouki. have retuned guitar and mandola. Looking for hints as to how best to play them
My name is: Steve Owens
I live in: Liverpool England
I play: Eko Guitar, currently experimenting with DADGAD Gremlin Tenor Mandola, currently experimenting with DAEA David Freshwater Bouzouki tuned GDAE

From: jacmo@qcislands.net http:// [216.qcislands.net]
Date: Tue Apr 15 07:42:13 2003

Im having a hard time tuning this thin,... help?
My name is: Tashika
I live in:
I play: banjo, 5 string

From: epm03@hotmail .com http:// [dialup-]
Date: Wed Mar 26 16:50:01 2003

I am an instrument maker, mostly selling Native American whistles. I would love to make a cittern and your website has provided me with a lot of info quick, fast and in a hurry. I've got some great wood to work with and when I get my first one completed I'll send a photo. Thanks for puttin' this all together. Eric Marczak, Delanson, NY.
My name is: Eric Marczak
I live in:
I play: keyboard, guitar, violin, native American flute, East European traditional flutes and whistles, various drums and percussion instruments

From: saw@sharonadelesworld.com http://www.sharonadelesworld.com [DIALUP-153-2.TNNAS2.USIT.NET]
Date: Fri Mar 21 05:07:02 2003

Sending love and best wishes your way! God bless you! ----- www.theearlydays.com ----- www.pedalsteel.us
My name is: Sharon
I live in: Nashville, TN, USA
I play: My husband plays a Fessenden 13-string Pedal Steel Guitar

From: www.more-classifieds.com [CPE00e04c8822f9-CM013050005181.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]
Date: Fri Feb 28 01:08:31 2003

Love your site, keep up the good work! www.more-classifieds.com
My name is: Richard
I live in:
I play: trump

From: pubdog@nb.sympatico.ca http:// [well.health.nb.ca]
Date: Fri Feb 7 15:05:00 2003

A wonderful site, full of great information. I will visit often P.S....I have just added a Sobell OM to your marketplace for sale. Cheers, Dale Whitty in frosty Canada

My name is: Dale Whitty
I live in: New Brunswick , Canada
I play: Bouzouki,Mando, Tenor Banjo

From: bearing2@srv.net http://www.bearing-sales.com [dsl.11.id.onewest.net]
Date: Mon Feb 3 22:52:47 2003

You have a great looking site. Thanks for the opportunity to view it.
My name is: Bearings
I live in: Idaho, USA
I play: French Horn

From: http://theearlydays.com http://www.pedalsteel.us [DIALUP-154-184.TNNAS2.USIT.NET]
Date: Mon Feb 3 04:50:44 2003

God bless you!
My name is: SAWendt
I live in: Nashville, TN, USA
I play: My husband plays the a 13-string Pedal Steel Guitar

From: costy@factor13records.com http://www.factor13records.com [203.washington-06rh15rt.dc.dial-access.att.net]
Date: Thu Jan 16 05:14:13 2003

Good job Anthony, thanks a bunch ! I'm just starting with octave mandoline, I've got very usefull info on your site...

My name is: Costy L
I live in: Virginia, USA
I play: guitars, bass, doumbeck

From: craigtoo@mac.com http:// [pD9E00F4E.dip.t-dialin.net]
Date: Tue Jan 14 19:38:05 2003

Heeeeey Anthony!!!! Great to finally meet you in Amsterdam just before New Year's. We should plan a "European Micro-Zoukfest".

Hope to see you again soon-Maybe jget some tunes in instead of just drooling over your Davy Stuart. :-) ;-)

all the best craig
My name is: Craig Harbauer
I live in: Nueremberg Germany
I play: Zouk (DSOM, McDonald Type3, Freshwater Cittern); Fiddle (Vuillaume 1846?, Robert Stanley 1890, Yann Ecochard 2000); Mandolin (Stevens 2001)

From: metinalkan66@hotmail.com http:// [ist-dnssrv.ttnet.net.tr]
Date: Mon Jan 6 10:34:53 2003

Nice and useful site. Please check my site at www.tours-turkey.com Thanx
My name is: metin
I live in: Turkey
I play:

From: phil.platt@philplatt.com http:// [x94-239-196.ej1064.umn.edu]
Date: Sat Jan 4 17:49:37 2003

Hi Thony --

I got to your site from the cbom list. I immediately noticed you new Davy Stuart mandola. I got one in June 2002. The back and sides in mine are English walnut. Davy said that was the first mandola he made with that wood. It sure sounds great!

I use mine primarily with a 5-man group that does a lot of acapella material, so it islimited to accompaniment and fill-in work on the songs we do with instruments.

Any way, just wanted to say hi!

Phil Platt St. Paul Minnesota
My name is: Phil Platt
I live in: Minnesota
I play: Davy Stuart Mandola Voice

From: martin@larkinabout.net http://www.larkinabout.net [inktomi1-her.server.ntl.com]
Date: Tue Dec 24 12:40:45 2002

nice to find your site . I'll certainly keep in touch
My name is: Martin Long
I live in: London UK
I play: Fylde Cittern tuned GDGCG 35 year old Yamaha FG140 mandoline

From: ronn-ber@online.no http://home.online.no/~ronn-ber [turing.ti.telenor.net]
Date: Sun Dec 8 22:24:06 2002

Nice informative site.well done. Although I'm first and foremost a Celtic musician myself. I play some jazz standards on the cittern and am toying with the idea of compiling some tuitional material (chords ,scales and the like) . Anybody interested ?
My name is: Ronnie Gerrard
I live in: Norway
I play: Fiddle,Stefan Sobell Cittern 5 course anno 1979,

From: cguida@midmaine.com http:// []
Date: Sun Dec 8 21:46:42 2002

I enjoyed your tunes very much. Fun to play along with (on a vastly simplified basis.) Can you suggest a free-ware program to record multi-part wave files? Windows Sound recorder will only allow about 30 seconds of tune-time. Also, do you have these tunes available in sheet music form -- pdf or gif?

Some other points of interest: an interest in Visual Basic; and a brother-in-law in Amsterdam. He wasn't a Dutch speaker when he got there, but now he is an officially-certified Dutch Speaker. He sounds funny to us now, and we are going to have him checked for throat disease.

What would the Jacob van Eyk Recorder tunes and variations sound like when done up by a kitchen-table mandolin orchestra?

Regards, Chris Guida

My name is: Christopher Guida
I live in: Manie (USA
I play: recorder/flute cello/violin (little bit); mandolin/(soon,) octave madolin

From: davdav@tiscali.co.uk http:// [ppp-0-187.manc-a-1.access.uk.tiscali.com]
Date: Sun Dec 1 17:41:19 2002

Like the site!

I play ADAda, which is great for most Celtic tunes. Am thinking of building a 12 course and tuneing it GADAda. I recon that this will be a mighty sound!

I live near Liverpool and play the sessions there which are great fun.
My name is: dave davies
I live in:
I play: Cittern, not unlike your own, which I made for myself in 1990

From: henk_roodbergen@hotmail.com http://www.henk.roodbergen.nl [xs195-241-248-88.dial.tiscali.nl]
Date: Thu Nov 7 18:25:18 2002

De reden om cister te willen spelen komt door het zien en horen van enkele Bretonse groepen ( o.a.Iniskis) en in Fryslân zijn Nanne Kalma en Chris Kalsbeek bespelers van het instrument.
My name is: Henk Roodbergen
I live in: harlingen
I play: ik speel: 12string gitaar(Epiphone ak. en Rickenbacker 360/12), basgitaar, contrabas, dulcimer en wil mij nu toeleggen op de cister.

From: info@folkfriends.com http://www.folkfriends.com [b068028.adsl.hansenet.de]
Date: Tue Nov 5 17:30:11 2002

Hello everybody!!!! I just found your pages when looking for something completely different.They are really good. I´ll return to this place sometime - Visit my pages as well!


My name is: Nico
I live in: Hamburg
I play: Fiddle, Guitar, Bagpipes + Pipemaking

From: peterhodge222@hotmail.com http:// [ppp-0-155.manc-b-2.access.uk.tiscali.com]
Date: Sat Oct 26 17:10:25 2002

enjoyed site and tunes. tell us about the sessions in amst?i know aguy who makes and playas citterns in liverpool.i am keen to play some sessions in amst .we have agood session in liverpool.pogue mahone wednesday nite.cheers.p.
My name is: peter hodge
I live in:
I play: fiddle whistle classical guitar keyboards

From: tuneroom@yahoo.com [adsl-67-114-230-216.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net]
Date: Mon Aug 26 02:58:20 2002

hey guys nice site,keep up the good work!
My name is: derek
I live in: nc
I play: bass guitar

From: bgd@worldonline.nl http:// [xs195-241-242-197.dial.tiscali.nl]
Date: Thu Aug 15 23:39:31 2002

Nice site, certainly come back again!
My name is: Bart de Graaf
I live in: Idskenhuizen, Netherlands
I play: Foley bouzouki (GDAd), guitar, banjo

From: chevyhaul@aol.com http:// [AC9D2FCD.ipt.aol.com]
Date: Sat Jul 20 17:25:11 2002

didn't Nero play the cittern?
My name is: D Kerr
I live in: ok, usa
I play: none

From: ezau@37.com http://www.ezau.com/freetosell/ [CTPP-p-144-134-42-229.prem.tmns.net.au]
Date: Thu Jul 11 12:22:40 2002

Just Surfin..

Hello From Gold Coast Australia..
My name is: Ed Z
I live in: Gold Coast Australia
I play: keyboard

From: saw@sharonadelesworld.com http://www.sharonadelesworld.com [pcp02019555pcs.nash01.tn.comcast.net]
Date: Tue Jun 25 17:12:08 2002

God bless you!
My name is: Sharon Wendt
I live in: Nashville, TN, USA
I play: My husband plays the pedal steel guitar.

From: mgrafton@galenalink.net http:// [cache-gal.netexpress.net]
Date: Tue Jun 18 23:54:23 2002

Thank you for maintaining this site. I have been out of touch for a while, and this looks quite good.
My name is: Maurie Grafton
I live in:
I play: cittern, guitar, hammered dulcimer, Highland pipes, 5-string banjo

From: drunkenviking@hotmail.com http:// [ti231210a080-0464.bb.online.no]
Date: Tue May 28 15:11:11 2002

Hoi ! Nice site... Do you know any norwegians playing the cittern ?
My name is: Arild
I live in: Norway
I play: Guitar,bass....

From: aaronwalden@yahoo.com http://free.gentle.org/users/gospelhymns/Bouzouki.htm [spider-wk082.proxy.aol.com]
Date: Sat May 18 10:05:27 2002

It is great to see your Web site on such a wonderful instrument as the cittern.
My name is: Aaron Walden
I live in: Oklahoma
I play: Mandolin, harmonica, et al.

From: kevnilse@iol.ie [cache1.cache.iol.ie]
Date: Fri May 17 01:36:05 2002

Great pages & links Thony. Thanks. Did a search for Jaap Kraayenhof and found your site. I also have an instrument made by Jaap in 1986. Its home is now in Ireland. Kevin.
My name is: Kevin O'Keeffe
I live in: Ireland
I play: Bouzouki/Cittern

From: kevnilse@iol.ie http:// [cache1.cache.iol.ie]
Date: Fri May 17 01:32:38 2002

My name is: Kevin O'Keeffe
I live in:
I play:

From: jack@jackspiraguitars.com http://www.jackspiraguitars.com [203-173-252-9.ihug.net]
Date: Tue May 14 11:42:23 2002

Its fantastic how much stuff there is on the web about bouzoukis etc, this page is one of the best and the cittern list is also very inspiring, especially if you live out in windswept gippsland like me with the wombats for conversation!
My name is: Jack Spira
I live in: Melbourne Australia
I play: I make instruments and play the fool. I struggled with the guitar for years before having a go on mando and bouzouki which I find much more fun, I'm still awful though.

From: http://www.geocities.com/hubcats2 [ss10.bluebird.ibm.com]
Date: Wed May 1 12:09:06 2002

great site .
My name is: fred
I live in: fletcher vermont
I play: rigel a mandolin,guitar,bass,piano

From: pvanwolferen@compuserve.com http:// [fra-tgn-oyu-vty38.as.wcom.net]
Date: Wed Apr 10 20:49:50 2002

Forgot the main issue : your cittern site should be subsidized by the government. The CD's do add something !!
My name is: Paul van Wolferen
I live in: Hoogeveen The netherlands
I play: Mandola, fiddle

From: pvanwolferen@compuserve.com http:// [uk4-tgn-lmg-vty42.as.wcom.net]
Date: Wed Apr 10 20:12:44 2002

A warm and clear sound and somewhat bigger than a usual mandola. Great playing together with other strings. NOW for a Sobell mandoline
My name is: Paul van Wolferen
I live in: Hoogeveen , The Netherlands
I play: Fiddle and Mandola from Sobell

From: http:// []
Date: Fri Apr 5 20:23:15 2002

Love the sounds.
My name is: Motherb53
I live in: New Jersey, USA
I play: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet

From: mike.nielsen@dol.net [DEL47-90.dol.net]
Date: Tue Mar 26 17:48:14 2002

Got into octave mando after seeing Robin Bullock play a cittern at a concert in my town. Have a Davey Stuart 4 course OX on back order.
My name is: Mike Nielsen
I live in: Dover, Delaware, USA
I play: Kortier Irish 34 harp, Dave Bucher octave mandolin, Gibson 12-string guitar

From: fiddler98247@yahoo.com http:// [12-229-240-235.client.attbi.com]
Date: Tue Mar 19 16:28:54 2002

I play a guitar shaped cittern which I built about 10 years ago. I got the inspiration for the instrument when I went to see Andy Irvine in Seattle. He was playing a guitar octave mandolin made by Sobell, very full ringing tone with tons of sustain.
My name is: RIchard Hess
I live in: Everson WA
I play: Fiddle, mandolin, cittern

From: asturbs@hotmail.com http:// []
Date: Sat Mar 2 08:12:42 2002

My name is: arthur sturbaum
I live in: cincinnati, ohio, usa
I play:

From: peterparker@att.net, gmoran@wtschools.org http:// []
Date: Sun Feb 10 06:10:15 2002

I have found your site to be very helpful. I am a string instrument music teacher at the Long Valley Middle School, and the ideas and suggestions that I have read here on your site have been helpful. Thank you, George
My name is: George Moran
I live in: Long Valley , NJ
I play: String Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Tin Whistle, Percussion, Piano

From: lowrates@usa.com http://discallowphonerates.bizland.com/dsl.htm [13-167.105.popsite.net]
Date: Thu Jan 31 04:34:07 2002

great site, enjoyed my visit
My name is: discal
I live in: Chicago
I play: piano, guitar, tenor sax

From: john.houston@appleonline.net http:// [webcacheB09a.cache.pol.co.uk]
Date: Fri Jan 11 01:13:13 2002

Your site is great & fun to visit . I have been trying to work out most helpfull tuning for my Octavious since buying it in 1980, currently DGAE (octave below my mandolin) but have never been totally happy with this. On mandolincafe site there is discusion of a possible celtic mandolin festival "happening" - you might be interested! Go look. Keep on exploring.
My name is: john houston
I live in: glasgow scotland
I play: Gibsons J 45 & Les Paul Recording Flyde Oberon & Octavious (strung as a mandocello) Flatiron mandolin (army & navy model)

From: pctech42@yahoo.com http:// [as53-sh-s-in-170.theinnet.com]
Date: Tue Jan 1 01:50:44 2002

I have enjoyed playing music for many years, semi-professionally (I didn't quit my day job). The best times are the times I play music with other people, but I enjoy alone time with my instruments, too. I have a background in rock, but these days I prefer traditional folk tunes and Celtic things such as the Bothy Band would do. You get sore fingers when you try to keep up with that stuff! I teach a little here and there and I love to encourage people to take up an instrument.
My name is: Laura Harmon
I live in: Indiana, USA
I play: I play guitar, mandolin, and just got a cittern (tuned like a mandolin - GDAEA).

From: ccurrier@ainet.com http:// []
Date: Tue Dec 25 02:28:12 2001

Merry Christmas and thank you, Thony. The postal service jeep pulled up to my mail box with COI 3 at 4 pm today, Christmas Eve. Thank you for all your efforts on a marvelous CD and in behalf of the list. I am inspired to get a contribution up for the next CD. My cheque was mailed to Peter and he should have it by now.

Thanks Again, Craig
My name is: Craig Currier
I live in:
I play:

From: dow@ktc.com http:// [adsl1-96.ktc.com]
Date: Thu Dec 13 01:09:26 2001

Great site. Very informative, with lots of neat stuff. The mp3's are very nice and show a lot of variety.

Keep up the good work!
My name is: Dow Mathis
I live in: Kerrville, TX
I play: Old Wave mandolin by Bill Bussmann, Taylor 422-R Grand Concert, waiting on delivery of a Freshwater Bouzouki, spruce/American Black Walnut, Native American flutes.

From: maryft@pacbell.net [adsl-63-193-188-220.dsl.bkfd14.pacbell.net]
Date: Thu Nov 15 00:30:22 2001

Thony, I'm listening to your soundclips! Excellent stuff! Especially interested to hear the Dutch trad.

My name is: Mary Tulin
I live in: Bakersfield, CA
I play: Fletcher Brock 5 course cittern, DAEAE Taylor 714ce acoustic guitar Taylor K65 12-string

From: Chuckficca@aol.com http:// [spider-mtc-th043.proxy.aol.com]
Date: Mon Nov 5 05:17:46 2001

Great site, great instruments, great group. I tune cittern to CGDAE. It makes an easy transition from mandolin.
My name is: Chuck Ficca
I live in: New Jersey, USA
I play: Guitar(Dobro, Gibson J200), Mandolin, !920 Gibson A, Freshwater Cittern

From: john.houston@appleonline.net http:// [webcacheB04a.cache.pol.co.uk]
Date: Sat Oct 20 00:37:45 2001

Liked your site. I am starting to get back into music and your positive vibe is inspirational.Keep on trucking!john
My name is: john houston
I live in: Scotland
I play: Gibson J45 1962Gibson Les Paul Recording 1974Fylde Oberon 1981Fylde Octavious 1980Flatiron 2K mandolin 1984

From: karalhadas@yahoo.com http://mandragora.do.sapo.pt []
Date: Mon Oct 8 01:21:59 2001

I've been searching for the right string instrument for me and I was looking for a site like this.

Very good site, specially the database.Congratulations to the webmaster.
My name is: Luís Pedro
I live in: PORTO, Portugal
I play: mostly guitars

From: f.m.jimenez@terra.es http:// []
Date: Mon Sep 24 19:39:57 2001

30 years ago since I try to play these instruments, and I'm still trying. I do really enjoy this reachness and endless experience.
My name is: Fernando Martínez
I live in: MADRID (Spain)
I play: Accoustic gitar, mandolin and octave mandola

From: ct19@qwest.net http:// [mplsdslgw8B235.mpls.uswest.net]
Date: Sun Sep 16 18:29:14 2001

I have been enjoying listening to CBOM players from Holland and Belgium and would love to hear more. Guido Piccard, Guy Roelofs and Philip Masure come to mind. My first experience of this sort was hearing Torf. Any other recommended players? Thanks for the great website, Thony.
My name is: Amy Jacobson
I live in:
I play: Weber MandolaLawrence Nyberg Short Scale Cittern (10 String)Guitar (don't own one presently)

From: Aaron@cittern.co.uk http://www.cittern.co.uk [spider-ti082.proxy.aol.com]
Date: Fri Aug 31 00:30:29 2001

Howdy Thony, called in to see the page and join up for COI III, Regards, Aaron.
My name is: Aaron Jones
I live in: Edinburgh, Scotland
I play: Cittern, Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals

From: jsarts@angelfire.com http://www.angelfire.com/me2/JSARTS [mail.londonelec.co.uk]
Date: Sun Aug 12 18:07:31 2001

Traditional British music to dance to, though some folks don't like the jollity, hilarity and laughter that we encourage during our gigs,
My name is: Jimmy Smith
I live in: Staines, Middlesex
I play: Sobell Cittern, Terry Docherty Mandolin

From: fatcat@verycoolmail.com http://www.matmice.com/home/currychick [myangup0.connect.com.au]
Date: Thu Aug 9 09:00:54 2001

This site was a help for my music project and if you go to my site please please sign the guestbook!!!!!!
My name is: Nicole
I live in: Australia or Melbourne
I play: Piano

From: mwygmans@aol.com http:// [c1302340-a.grapid1.mi.home.com]
Date: Sun Aug 5 22:08:43 2001

I found this sight informative. I am really just starting to play, mostly I build.I've built one octive mandolin, a mandola and a bluegrass mandolin. Good reference page for tuning ideas, I need all the info I can get.
My name is: Michael Wygmans
I live in: Kentwood,Mich.
I play: guitar,mandolin

From: Clearlaketwo@ngl.net http:// [c09-152.006.popsite.net]
Date: Sat Jul 7 07:01:13 2001

My name is: Kathy Raymos
I live in:
I play:

From: thony@cittern.xs4all.nl http://www.xs4all.nl/~cittern/ [cittern.xs4all.nl]
Date: Sun Jun 10 21:41:59 2001

Peter R. was quite right about the link not working. A little mistake from me, that should now be fixed. Thanks.
My name is: Thony
I live in: Amsterdam
I play:

From: strings@flingmusic.com www.flingmusic.com [vp186-171.worldonline.nl]
Date: Sun May 27 12:53:53 2001

Leuk je gisteren gezien te hebben. Erg gezellig, onanks het niet al te beste geluid. Bedankt voor de cittern on ice. cd's. Hou contact.

My name is: Toon
I live in: Friesland/groningen
I play: Guitar, bouzouki, button accordeon,whistle

From: shannon@xs4all.nl http://www.xs4all.nl/~shannon []
Date: Wed Apr 25 09:44:51 2001

Hi Tony, I discovered it was better to reply in English than in Dutch. Als the link to our page didn't work in my previous entry...Hope to meet again soon, maybe at the Pinksterfeest ?Cheers, Peter.
My name is: Peter R
I live in: Zwaagdijk, Holland
I play: Guitars (Takamine & Lowden) ( dadgad, eadgbe, dadgbe, dgdgbe )Bouzouki ( Sobell) ADADMandolin (Ibanez)Bodhran ( Brendan White )Piano....somewhat...Keyboards.....more or less....Bass....that's okayFiddle....only the cat loves it !Banjo.....but I sold them all

From: shannon@xs4all.nl SHANNON Irish Folkmusic []
Date: Wed Apr 25 09:36:21 2001

Hi Tony !Was weer eens op je site, we zien elkaar vast weer eens !vr.groet, peter.
My name is: Peter R
I live in: www.xs4all.nl/~shannon
I play: Guitars (DADGAD, DADGBE, DGDGBE) Bouzouki (ADAD) Mandolin (GDAE ) Bodhran, Piano & keyboard, Bass ( effortlessly attempting the fiddle !)

From: chalson@bigpond.com [DVBH-T-003-p-1-77.tmns.net.au]
Date: Tue Mar 20 04:50:19 2001

Hi, came upon your page via the cittern group, liked the comments on recordings though I can think of a few good aditions such as Capercaillie, Altan etc, mostly Bouzouki rather than cittern though Ossian uses a fair bit on cittern. I will write up some stuff and email it to you.

We don't tend to have many (if any) citterns in tasmania despite a strong Irish/Scottish music scene. Quite a few bouzoukis though. Most citterns I'm aware of in Australia are in Western Australia, weird huh?

My name is: Paul Chalson
I live in: Hobart, Tasmania
I play: Bouzouki (by John Bushby a Tasmanian instrument maker)Mandolin (by John Bushby)Guitar (Maton)do a bit of whistle and bohran

From: thony@cittern.xs4all.nl www.xs4all.nl/~cittern/ [cittern.xs4all.nl]
Date: Tue Mar 13 11:57:05 2001

This is just to see if this contraption is working at all...Please follow my example!
My name is: Thony de Waal
I live in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
I play: Cittern, bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, whistles

From: robocat@cybercelts.com http://www.geocities.com/gofalus/irpix.htm [ool-18b9290b.dyn.optonline.net]
Date: Thu Mar 8 01:12:58 2001

Great site. I hadn't heard about the Jim Cowdery "Exploring" booklet--thanks! Will go look for it.
My name is: Terry
I live in: New York, New York
I play: bouzouki, pennywhistle

On March 7th I exchanged the Lycos guestbook for this humbler one, that I made myself. The old one is still readable for the moment.

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