picture of me with cittern Citterns
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These are the pages of Anthony de Waal
Here you will find (links to) info about my favourite musical instrument, the cittern. Especially, look at the databases. Your own contributions here are very welcome, indeed.
Also a lot of links are to be found to other sites that interested me.
Topics include music in general, Celtic music specifically.
And: computing, my hobby and profession.
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News: I have a new job, which will take my full attention for the coming months. But I will be back with updates after that time!

Once the site is how I want it, I will think about COI-IV. This may take a while. If you think you can do it sooner or better than me at the moment: please step forward!

These pages (http://www.xs4all.nl/~cittern/) copyright 1999-2007 Anthony de Waal. Please link, but to the index page only!